If you're in the market for a compact SUV that is built for adventure or just your regular daily commute, then the Ford Escape could be a great fit for you! But perhaps you aren't looking to pay the full brand new price for a vehicle. If this is the case, come and check out our used selection of Escapes here at Lake Elsinore Ford near Murrieta. Read on to learn more!

Used Means Saving Money

When purchasing a used Escape from us, you're still getting a great quality vehicle with all of the features and extras you could ask for, but you'll pay thousands of dollars less because it has some miles on it. However, your savings won't end with us. Once you go to buy insurance for your new-to-you Escape, you'll find the cost is much cheaper than buying brand new vehicle insurance around Lake Elsinore.

Fully Inspected for Quality

All of the used vehicles on our lot first have to go through a complete inspection from the inside out here at our on-site service center by our crew of certified automotive techs, who have years worth of combined experience and knowledge of all types of vehicles, including the Escape. Any repairs or replacements that have to be done near Menifee are completed only with quality OEM parts that are made specifically for that vehicle and are guaranteed to fit and work just like the original part did.

Don't Wait! Our Used Inventory Changes Often at Lake Elsinore Ford

The used inventory of vehicles here on our lot changes quite often due to sales, purchases, and trade-ins, so if you see the Escape you're wanting, act fast, or you may miss out! Alternatively, if you can't find the right vehicle for you right away near Corona, CA, please continue to check back with us regularly here at Lake Elsinore Ford near Riverside, CA, and find your perfect used Ford Escape. We look forward to working with you soon!

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