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The Ford F-150 has been the best full-sized truck option for Murrieta drivers for years, and that won't change anytime soon. If you need the best performance, utility, versatility, and overall practical appeal in the full-sized truck class for the Menifee area, then the F-150 has all the bases covered. The F-150 will succeed at any task you need and you can configure it so that it has the size and capabilities appropriate for that need in the Corona, CA area.

New Ford F-150 For Sale In Lake Elsinore


The F-150 has a total of six engines to choose from, and they vary based on the trim. The base engine is a six-cylinder and gets 290 horsepower. After that comes a pair of turbocharged V6 engines that reach 325 and 375 horsepower. The fourth engine is a big V8 that gets 395 horsepower. These bigger engines are great choices for anyone who needs towing or hauling power.

If you want to go for a spirited ride, there is another available turbocharged V6 that gets 450 horsepower. Lastly, for a powerful and efficient choice, there is a turbodiesel that is rated for 440 pound-feet of torque. Getting around Riverside, CA will be easy in any engine, so choose the one that best meets your expected needs for work and play.

Safety Features

For standard safety features, the F-150 gets a rear camera, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. If you move up in trims or add on packages, then you can take advantage of a number of additional, optional safety features. This is a longer list that includes lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and a number of parking assistance features. Additionally, the Ford F-150 has a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its crash testing.

Interior and Tech

As with safety, the technology features and the interior amenities vary by trim level. The base is limited, but options and trim selection can add smartphone connectivity, Wi-Fi, USB ports, and other interior upgrades. In terms of size, the interior gets larger depending on the cab. The base cab seats three people. The SuperCab adds a second row and can seat six, and the SuperCrew also has a second row, but provides more legroom in the back for passengers. The seating is comfortable, which is great for a truck that you use for work and family duties alike. The F-150 has come a long way from its older generations and the interior really feels like a place you won't mind spending time in.

Trim Options

Configuring an F-150 is a dream come true for those Lake Elsinore shoppers who value customization. In addition to the three different cab sizes, which govern the size of the cabin, there are also different bed length options, although not all bed lengths can be obtained with all cab sizes. There are also appearance packages to change the look of the truck and performance packages that change the fuel type or the towing capacity.

Trim levels add on features and unlock packages, and, in general, not all combinations of cabs and bed sizes are compatible with every trim. The base trim, the XL, offers basic features you'd expect from a work truck. The XLT adds on a lot more tech and comfort. The Lariat gets an engine upgrade, leather upholstery, seating upgrades, and other comfort elements, making it a great choice for Murrieta buyers.

The King Ranch and Platinum come with the V8 engine and add more luxury elements. The Limited and Raptor have the special 450-horsepower engine. The Limited is kitted out with lots of luxury upgrades, while the Raptor has exclusive performance and off-roading upgrades.

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