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The 2020 Ford F-150 Balances Comfort, Technology, Safety and Performance


Buying a new truck should never mean having tosacrifice luxury for performance or performance for safety and technology. Withthe 2020 Ford F-150, drivers in Lake Elsinore will never have to worry aboutlosing any of these features, as the truck combines them into a single,perfectly balanced package. At Lake Elsinore Ford, because the F-150 isavailable in a range of trim levels, drivers will have no problem selecting amodel that fits their budget, personal taste and workload.

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A Performance Level to Match Any Workload


The F-150 features powerful performance thanks totwo different engines. The 3.0-liter power stroke turbo diesel and the V8 withtwin independent cam timing make taking on any task easy for this vehicle. Onthe other hand, Corona, CA drivers can also choose an EcoBoost V6 engine thatis not only powerful but also offers more efficiency for a more balanced drive.Also, thanks to a durable solid steel frame, the 2020 Ford F-150 has theweight and power to tow up to 13,200 pounds. An electronic locking rear differentialcan also offer drivers more control, particularly while towing. Meanwhile, theFox Live monotube shocks make every drive smooth, even over rougher terrain orat worksites.


An off-roading cruise control system also helps tomake driving over any difficult terrain in the Murrieta area as simple aspossible. The system maintains a constant slow speed and takes care of brakingand acceleration so drivers can focus solely on steering. Drivers can also usea system to slightly lower the air level in the tires, which can make drivingover loose gravel or sand easier and smoother. Finally, the Ford F-150 allowsdrivers to choose from a range of drive modes including towing and hauling,slippery, sport, rock crawling and normal, so they can select something moreefficient, more powerful or something that offers more traction and stabilitydepending on the road and weather conditions.


A Focus on Safety Means Driving is Stress Free


The 2020 Ford F-150 also focuses heavily on safetyin its design. The truck features a range of safety systems that actively workto keep both driver and passengers secure. A blind-spot monitoring system and ablind spot information system, also known as BLIS, help to monitor trafficaround both the truck and whatever the truck is towing to alertdrivers to potential collisions when changing lanes or making turns. A lane-keeping system also helps drivers maintain focus and alerts drivers tounintentional lane crossing or drifting.

Another safety system, the pre-collision assistsystem, also monitors traffic but focuses on traffic, pedestrians and objectsthat are either ahead of or approaching the truck. The system scans forpotential collision risks and helps to mitigate that risk by signaling drivers.In the event that the driver can't stop quickly enough, the system can evenapply the truck's brakes.


The 2020 F-150 also features an automatic high-beam-adjust system. The system registers when other vehicles are approaching andautomatically dims the headlights down to a regular level so that visibility isoptimal for everyone on the road. This also allows drivers to focus more ondriving while leaving the details to the truck itself.


Comfort and Style are Always a Priority


Despite a focus on safety and performance, comfortwas never left out when crafting the Ford F-150. The truck features availableheated and ventilated front seats and an available heated steering wheel. Menifeedrivers can also choose to customize the ambient and interior lighting, whichadds elegance and style to the vehicle. Meanwhile, a Bang & Olufsen soundsystem, which features 10 speakers, allows drivers and passengers to listen tomusic that is clear and dynamic. The truck's sound system also works to keepthe music level constant by monitoring road noise and adjusting the musicvolume to suit.


The F-150 also features a range of technologyoptions, including an eight-inch productivity screen where drivers can accessnavigation or trip information with ease. Drivers can also use the FordPassConnect System to remotely lock or unlock the vehicle from a smartphone. A push-button start also makes it simple to jump in and go without having to searchfor keys. The truck also features a 360-degree camera. The view from the camerais displayed on a split-screen that allows drivers to easily scan for anypotential hazards or traffic before backing in or out of tight or difficultareas.


A Truck for Every Occasion


The 2020 Ford F-150 is available in several trimlevels, which include the XL, XLT, King Ranch, Lariat, Limited, Platinum andRaptor, so truck fans from Riverside, CA can choose the truck that fits theirparticular needs the best. The truck's build, including the engine, can bechosen to suit a more rugged or city lifestyle. Drivers can also choose fromdifferent appearance packages to truly customize not only the performance butalso the look of their truck. Chrome or black exterior accents give the truck amore stylish appearance. Stripes and decals can enhance the truck's sportylook. Drivers can also opt for smoked satin accents, which add an air ofsophistication.


At Lake Elsinore Ford, we want to help you selectthe 2020 Ford F-150 that suits all of your needs the best. Come in today to letus answer any other questions about the truck you might have. We can also helpyou set up a test drive so that you can experience everything the F-150 has tooffer for yourself.